Visiting Family in Gainesville, Georgia

The day after Thanksgiving we headed to Gainesville, Georgia to see my cousins Don and Diane, and their family. We parked the trailer in their driveway, and stayed in their beautiful house. Our bedroom for the weekend was about four times the size of our trailer!

On Saturday the whole family came over (Don and Diane’s kids and grandkids), we put on our red and black for the Georgia Bulldogs, and watched college football. The girls went out to get manicures and pedicures to celebrate my cousin Kelly’s new baby, coming soon!

Afterward Don grilled steaks and we ate a delicious meal.

We even got to pretend we had pets, hanging out with Eli and Remy. It only bothered me a little that they seemed to prefer Brian!

The next day Don and Diane took us around Atlanta to see the sights. We first went to Stone Mountain, which is an 825 foot tall exposed granite mountain near Atlanta. It was once a quarry, now the state of Georgia owns it. There are a lot of attractions, including a skyline ride up to the top of the mountain, nature trails, a lake, laser light show, and this time of year there’s a toboggan ride on fake snow.

We took the skyline ride to the top, where there was a great view of Atlanta. The stone is all potholed and it feels like walking on the moon.

Oh, and there’s also a huge confederate monument carved into the side of the mountain. Started in the 1920s, it changed hands and sculptors over time until the state of Georgia bought the land and it was completed in 1970. The original sculptor (Gutzon Borglum) went on to sculpt Mount Rushmore, but his work on this carving was removed by the next sculptor. It’s the largest relief carving in the world.

Afterward we drove around downtown Atlanta, and ate at the Varsity, a Georgia institution. The grilled pimento cheese sandwich was great!

We had a great time seeing my cousins, and it was so nice of Don and Diane to have us in their home and show us around!

Day 424| Mile 44,674


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