Happy Thanksgiving!

The last few days that we were in South Carolina, we got ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. This is the first Thanksgiving that we weren’t in Michigan with our families, so we planned to cook a big dinner for the two of us.

We weren’t exactly sure how it would work to cook such a big meal in the trailer. The three things we did that helped are 1) cooked the turkey outside, 2) used disposable pans for sides, and 3) started cooking the day before, making turkey stock, croutons, and mashed squash and sweet potatoes.

Because we didn’t have to worry about anyone else liking the food, we used extra mushrooms in the stuffing and green bean casserole.

Brian stuffed the turkey, and cooked it over the fire, using the rotisserie attachment to his campfire grill. He made a geeky tin foil housing to go over it to keep the heat in, so it cooked more like it was in an oven. It actually cooked faster than we expected, (about 4 hours, comparable to an oven), so at the last minute we decided to skip the potatoes, and didn’t miss them (potatoes are just a way to eat gravy, and there’s stuffing for that!).

The turkey turned out great, just a little smoky. Brian and I both prefer dark meat, so we each got a leg.

Our small oven doesn’t cook very evenly, so we decided not to make a pie, and made pumpkin mousse parfaits instead. We used an immersion blender instead of a whisk or mixer to whip the cream, which worked, but didn’t get it very fluffy (we put reddi-whip on top!). Still tasted good though!

Our campsite at Sesquicentennial State Park was nice and big. The park was busy over the weekend, we didn’t realize that camping is a big thing over Thanksgiving. We ate outside, and by the time we finished the sun had gone down.

The only thing missing from our Thanksgiving was family, so the next day we packed up and headed to Georgia to see my cousins.


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