October in Michigan

We spent the first few weeks of October visiting home. We attended birthday parties, a wedding, a funeral, and met a newborn baby. We did the most Michigan thing we could do in the fall, which is visit a cider mill. We also stopped at Shatila, a Middle Eastern bakery in Dearborn, for treats. Add in a migraine for me and a kidney stone for Brian, and it was an eventful few weeks.

We stayed at Brighton Rec Area again, and they make a big deal of Halloween! There were events every weekend in October. The first Saturday we were not at the campground during trick or treating, but we were the second Saturday. Unfortunately it rained all day! I passed out candy to a lot of soggy trick or treaters. 

We stayed in Michigan a little longer than we expected to, and struggled to plan where to go next. Fall is tough because we like to see colorful leaves, but the timing is hard to predict and it isn’t easy to find updates on fall colors in other places. 

Brian wanted to visit the west side of Michigan to fish, while the salmon are in the rivers. It wasn’t my first choice, because it wasn’t on the way to some of the other places we were talking about visiting. I like to plan a whole route of stops at a time. But since I do most of the planning, it’s only fair to let Brian pick something now and then. 

We stayed at Riverside Park in Scottville, Michigan. The campground is on the Pere Marquette river, and Brian fished there a few times.

On the only nice day we had there, we went to Ludington and walked out on the breakwater to the lighthouse. It was windy, and Lake Michigan was pretty rough. When we got to the lighthouse, we went right to the edge and a big wave came and soaked our feet and ankles!

Then it rained for three days straight! Brian fished some in the rain, even driving an hour to Tippy Dam. He said at the dam he saw a lot of fish, but they didn’t seem to be hungry. So after a couple days of rain, we headed south and eventually drove out of the rain.

Day 390 | Mile 42,304


One thought on “October in Michigan

  1. We were in Michigan for August and loved it there. We stayed in a small town called Roscommon and were the only ones in the campground for the most part (Bambi Lake). I did get to visit Sleeping Bear Dunes and we did a daytrip to the Upper Peninsula. I drove several times to Alpena to visit my Dad. I loved it there, and we will definitely go back again. Now we are in Austin, Texas and will head back to Florida for Christmas with the girls, but will be making new plans after the holidays. Ah, I’m loving the flexibility of RV living! 🙂 Looks like you had a wonderful time in Michigan, too! (P.S. The little baby is BEAUTIFUL!). Safe travels! Dawn

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