Baby Shower, Solar Eclipse, Beers, and Balls

We moved to a full-hookup campground in Greeley, CO northeast of Denver so we would be near the Denver Airport. I flew back to Metro Detroit for a long weekend for my friend Sarah’s baby shower. 

It was a fun and busy weekend seeing family and friends, and the baby shower went great! 

Brian stayed in the Denver area and went golfing, and lined the truck cap toolboxes with carpet and vinyl so he can keep his golf clubs in there. This was the longest we had been apart in a year! 

I flew back to Denver on Sunday night after the shower, and Monday was the solar eclipse! We were 165 miles from the path of totality, so we planned to drive to Glendo, Wyoming. Without traffic it would’ve taken 2.5 hours, but we heard traffic would be bad so we left at 4:30 am. Traffic was even worse than we expected from the beginning. We sat at the exit to Glendo for a half an hour without making much progress, so we bailed out and turned around in the highway median and went back to the previous exit where people were parked everywhere. Four and a half hours after we left, we had a place to watch the eclipse.

It was so cool to see the moon covering the sun. Brian took pictures with our camera with a homemade solar filter made from eclipse glasses.  As the eclipse went on, it got chilly, and I had to put on a sweatshirt. When it was close to total, it got pretty dark. People started cheering even before it was total. Totality was amazing and worth all the hassle, but it was over so fast! We tried to have a plan of what we would do in the nearly 2.5 minutes of totality, but we didn’t really stick to it. Brian took a few pictures, but didn’t get as many as he wanted. I guess we spent too long gawking!

We felt a little let down after totality was over, because we wish it had lasted longer, but it was so cool to see. Some people started leaving right after totality, but we waited until the entire eclipse was over. 

Traffic was bad already, so we ate the lunch we packed and took a nap, and a few hours later, traffic was still terrible. We decided to take back roads as long as we could, and it took us about two hours to get 30 miles. After that it got a bit better, and it took us 5 hours to get home. Even the next day I25 South was backed up with eclipse traffic. It was a long, busy, stressful day but I’m glad we gave in to eclipse-mania! 

After my visit home and the eclipse, we had a few more days in the area, which we spent seeing friends. I’ve been trying to get better at looking up friends who are in the areas we travel to. I’m not sure why, but I often feel awkward about it or reluctant to make too many plans. 

I drove to Boulder to see my friend Mara, who I hadn’t seen in far too long. We went to Under The Sun and had dinner, and then walked around Pearl Street. It was so good to see her and catch up. 

Colorado makes some delicious beers, and we have been enjoying Odell Brewery beers since we’ve been in the area. Brian and I visited Odell Brewery in Fort Collins and took a tour. It was fun to see the facilities, but the rooms we were in were noisy, and it was hard to hear the tour guide. 

After visiting Odell, we met up with Stephanie at Still Whiskey Steaks to try Rocky Mountain Oysters. They tasted pretty good, for testicles! The texture was a bit tough, but they were pounded flat, breaded and fried, and served with creamy horseradish and onion jam. Would eat again! 

After dinner we had to drink more beer! 

Day 331 | Mile 34,875


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