Airstream Improvement

We had a few more social activities, and a long to do list, so we stayed a few nights at Algonac State Park, and then nearly a week in Peggy and Oskar’s driveway. While we were at Algonac, a big storm came through. There was thunder, lightning, and hail which was so loud! We were a little worried about hail hitting our trailer, but survived without damage. We saw the screenhouse at the campsite next to us get flattened, and the RV on the other side lost an awning. Fortunately we were pretty busy so we hadn’t set up camp at all. It was over as fast as it started, and afterward there was a rainbow!

In Peggy and Oskar’s driveway, Brian worked on two projects to give us more usable storage in the Airstream. 

When we looked at Airstream models and considered floorplans, we liked that the model we chose had a full wardrobe. After moving in, we felt like we weren’t really using it well. We didn’t keep that much in it and it was always messy. I forgot to take a picture of it with our stuff in it, but I probably wouldn’t want to show it anyway! Here it is empty with the doors removed.

Brian added a piece of 3/4 inch plywood down the middle of both the lower and upper wardrobe. It wasn’t easy cutting it to fit the curve of the airstream, he made multiple templates on construction paper to get it just right. He cut the bar to hang clothes in half, moved the wood brace to the other side of the plywood, and added a new brace to keep the current shelf up. He used a jig to drill holes for shelves on the new plywood and on the current side of the wardrobe. 

Peggy and I primed and painted the plywood, and Brian cut shelves to fit out of 1/2 inch white melamine. They all had to be different sizes since the back wall of the wardrobe is curved. I fit shelf liners to each shelf and Brian tacked them in. Then we put weather stripping on the back of the plywood and shelves to protect the aluminum and installed it. We screwed each shelf into place so they won’t budge. We love it, but we may have added one too many shelves, it’s a bit hard to get to stuff in the back since they are so deep. We may end up rearranging them.

That would’ve been enough project for 5 days, but Brian also built a two tiered slide-out shelf for the pantry. I painted it, and he installed it. We plan to put bread on the top shelf, and heavier things below.

It was a busy week. On the way out of town we visited Battery Giant, and upgraded our trailer batteries to two 6-volt golf cart batteries wired in series. Now we are ready to hit the road again!

Day 288 | Mile 28,390


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