Lakeport State Park

Lakeport State Park is on the east side of Michigan on the southern shore of Lake Huron. It has big wooded campsites and a sandy beach. Brian’s sister, Erin, and brother-in-law, Andrew, have a trailer too, and when they made their Fourth of July camping plans, they booked us a campsite right next to theirs. Because they are on top of things and plan ahead, we have two of the best sites in the park, on the lake side, right next to the beach access.

Setting up our trailers took us the longest yet. We’ve gotten good at parking the trailer, but we only have one move! We always back straight in (unless we can pull through). Since we are group camping, we set up our trailer sideways along the road, and the other trailer backed in to form an L-shape, and give us more space in between. This time we had two small random trees in our site, and were far enough from the electrical hookup that we had to buy a 30 amp extension cord. But, when we were done we had a great camping set up!

After all the activity of the first couple weeks we were in Michigan, we were ready to relax. We still found plenty of activities to keep busy with, but since Lakeport State Park is pretty far from everything, we didn’t leave camp, except for the occasional grocery run. We hung out at camp, and let the visitors come to us!

Brian’s mom and sister and 3 year old niece were with us nearly the whole time, and his 8 year old cousin joined us for the first few days. His dad and brother-in law joined us for the second half of the week.

We found plenty of fun ways to stay busy with the kids. We took a nature walk, visited the camp store to buy candy and slap hands, made slime, watched the Trolls movie multiple times, made candy sushi, and painted rocks for the campground rock garden. We had fires and made s’mores and played with sparklers too!

One day my sister and her kids and my mom came to visit for a few hours. In that time we painted rocks, ate a nice lunch that Brian made, played games and blew bubbles, and went to the beach and swam in the lake. It was pretty crazy to have 5 kids at the campground. Even though there were 6 adults, it felt like we were outnumbered! We had fun, and it felt quiet when they left.

Saturday morning the campground offered a beach yoga class hosted by Happy Dog Yoga Studio. Erin and I went to the class, and it felt so good! The instructor led an easier class with a lot of good stretching. Waves crashing on the beach should be the soundtrack to everything. I was covered in sand by the end.

Brian’s brother, Craig, and sister-in-law, Kristin, and nephew visited for the weekend. We went swimming in Lake Huron and ate a lot of food. We had the Runzas from Nebraska for lunch and they were a hit. Andrew brought up his smoker and smoked ribs for dinner. We went to the beach, spent a lot of time sitting and chatting, and painted rocks again. They slept in our trailer at night, so we have a new overnight record of four adults and one baby in the trailer.

We took a walk through the campground one night, and I felt some campsite envy. One of the campsites had an inflatable movie screen and projector!

Brian’s family left a day before we did, and to make sure we didn’t get lonely, we invited some friends out to celebrate the Fourth of July. We had a great time eating, swimming, floating in a raft while one-year-old twins took a nap on us, and eating more.

I’m very glad that so many people were willing to make the drive to visit us. Missing friends and family is the hard part of traveling, so it was nice to jam in a lot of quality time with them.

We had a great Fourth of July week!

Day 279| Mile 27,755


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