Revisiting Brighton Rec Area

Our first of three Michigan campgrounds was Brighton Rec Area, where we spent some of November and all of December last year. It feels familiar, but it’s much different in the summer. On summer weekends it is so busy, every spot is occupied, and everyone is outside having campfires and hanging out. One big difference we’ve noticed between campgrounds in Michigan compared to out west is that out west, the attractions are outside the campground, and the campgrounds themselves are pretty utilitarian. Here in Michigan the campground is the attraction!

Our time at Brighton was so busy that we didn’t set up camp and join our fellow campers in enjoying the campground. We scheduled doctors’ appointments and dentist appointments, and saw friends, and spent time preparing for and enjoying the two main events that we scheduled this trip around, Brian’s brother-in-law’s 40th birthday surprise party, and my nephew’s 8th birthday party. Both events were a lot of fun! 

We also made it to our nephew’s baseball game and our niece’s gymnastics show. It was fun to see what they’ve been up to while we’ve been away.

The nearly two weeks that we spent in Brighton went by in a blur. The only free time we had, was spent planning for the next part of our trip. After our visit to Michigan we are traveling to North Carolina to see family, but after that we had no plans. It was making me uncomfortable to not know where we were going next. At first I thought it was just because I didn’t like answering “I have no idea!” when people asked, but I think it’s really because being home feels so normal, that our travels almost seem like a dream. Without future plans, it kind of feels like it’s ending. So, we talked through some ideas, and the tentative plan is to visit Yellowstone and the surrounding attractions in August and September!

We also visited our favorite restaurants while we were home! The two must-eat things in metro Detroit (in my opinion) are Middle Eastern food, and Detroit pizza. So, we got chicken schwarma wraps and hummus from Hamido in Dearborn, and visited Buddy’s Pizza! We also visited our favorite happy hour spot, the Sardine Room in Plymouth for buck-a-shuck oysters.

Day 271| Mile 27,601


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