Moochdocking in Macomb

When we arrived in Michigan, we parked at Brian’s parents, Peggy and Oskar’s house. Oskar installed a 30 amp outlet in the garage, so this was luxury moochdocking! Honestly, electricity was necessary due to the 90 degree heat we had for a few days after we arrived.

We will be in Michigan for nearly a month, but we already have a lot of plans during that time. Brian and I sometimes have trouble agreeing on how much time should be spent on work vs. time with friends and family. So, to try and make us both happy, we added a couple days in the beginning of the trip to get some things done. One of the first things we did after we arrived was write up a very ambitious To Do list for all the chores, errands, and improvements we have been meaning to do, but haven’t gotten to on the road. 

We spent the first few days decluttering the trailer and storing things in Peggy and Oskar’s basement and washing and waxing the truck and trailer. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulated during four months on the road. 

Brian may have gotten a little enthusiastic with the power washer, because we had a little incident.

After our hard work, Trucky and the Airs Ream look as good as new!

Day 257 | Mile 26,383


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