The Way Back Home

We had plans to be in Michigan by mid-June, and even though there was a lot more to see in Colorado/Utah, we decided to start heading back, and leave time to make stops on the way. 

The first stop was Pueblo, Colorado to see my Aunt Peggy and cousins Lynn and Tom. The drive from Mesa Verde across Colorado went up into the mountains. We climbed to around 11,000 feet (which I know thanks to a fun altimeter app), and got to the snow in the snow-capped mountains!

We camped for a couple nights at Lake Pueblo State Park, which features the reservoir that Aunt Peggy has told us so much about. The campground we stayed in had a nice view of the boats at the Marina. We went to lunch with Aunt Peggy in downtown Pueblo at the Riverwalk area, and walked around it after. Then we had dinner with Lynn and Tom too. It was great to see family that we don’t get to see often. This trip is the first time I’ve been to Colorado, so we hadn’t visited before!

Next we drove to Wahoo, Nebraska to see our friends Jeff and Virginia and their three  kids. Again there was a convenient state park for us to camp at, Lake Wanahoo State Park. We spent four days there and had a great time. Jeff and Virginia and the kids came to the campground and we cooked and played and went to the park and made s’mores! A heat wave came to town and brought temperatures in the 90s that followed us all the way back to Michigan.

We checked out the local Nebraska delicacies, and Brian instantly became obsessed with Runza. Runza is a local fast food restaurant whose specialty is a bun stuffed with beef and cabbage, made with a secret recipe! They are tasty, and remind Brian of a pasty from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When we left Nebraska, we had a freezer full of frozen Runzas.

We visited a Nebraska winery, Soaring Wings Vineyard. We tasted some of their many wines and beers, and then enjoyed a couple bottles outside on the porch. I liked their sweeter wines, Ice Falcon and Sunset Red. 

It was sad to leave our friends in Nebraska, but, just like always, we were looking forward to our next stop! After a boring drive through Iowa and Illinois, we stopped in Indianapolis.  We camped at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, which was a utilitarian campground, but close to our friends Ann and Tom, and their daughter. It was great to see them, and we enjoyed drinking Tom’s delicious home brew beer. Unfortunately, Brian got sick and missed out on a day of hanging out with them. Ann and I had lunch and ate delicious popsicles. It was the longest Brian and I had been apart in a long while! 

Traveling has been so fun, but it does get lonely sometimes. It was great to family-and-friend-hop our way across the country!

Day 255| Mile 26,383


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