Home Sweet Home

After just a few weeks away from Michigan, we were already heading back! Brian’s brother and sister-in-law’s baby was due, and my sister was getting her black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

We had a nice visit at home. We didn’t stay at a campground, just stuck ourselves in Brian’s sister and brother-in-law’s driveway, and then moved to his parents’ driveway. Fortunately they live across the street from each other.

We decided that Brian’s parents’ house was the appropriate place to cook an emu egg. We needed some help eating it, since it was the equivalent of about 9 chicken eggs! Brian used a drill to open up the egg, so we can save the shell (as Robert advised at ‘Robert is Here’). It tasted good, but the texture was a bit fluffier/softer than chicken eggs. I didn’t like it as much as the duck eggs we tried a few months ago, but it was fun to try!

Unfortunately we didn’t have much time for friends, since we had a lot to do with our families. We also had to take the truck in for another repair, and my computer broke and had to go in for repair. We also got a repair done on the trailer at the Airstream factory in Ohio on our way home. It’d be super if things stopped breaking!

We’ve struggled with what to come home for and what to miss. We don’t want to miss anything, but we know we have to, or we won’t make it very far! After this visit home we are not planning to come back until June. Lots of people that full-time travel don’t even have a home base, or don’t see it as much as we plan to, but I think I’m okay with that. We don’t plan to do this forever, and when we stop, I’d like our friends and family to remember us 😉

Since this will be our longest time away, we spent some time trying to get the trailer organized and remove anything we don’t think we need. I’ve been surprised at how hard it is to get organized! The Airstream has a decent amount of storage, but all the compartments are such a unique shape that it’s difficult to find things that fit. Brian also installed a dish soap pump in the kitchen counter, and mounted a paper towel holder and the charger for our cordless vaccuum. His dad cut a section out of the sink cover that came with our trailer so we can use it to extend counter space, but also run the sink and put things in it if we need to. Those kinds of things just hadn’t gotten done on the road. We also got a new duvet  as a birthday present!

It feels weird to be back home… in that it actually feels completely normal. So normal that I can forget that we are about to go back on the road. Sure, we live in 200 square feet, but even that feels pretty normal, and we spend a lot of time with other people in their houses.

I’m excited to go exploring again, but every time we are home it reminds me what I miss when we are away!

Day 131 | Mile 12,772


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