Camping in Southern Florida

It took us 2.5 days of driving to reach South Florida. It was thankfully uneventful, though we did spend an hour in standstill traffic caused by a nasty accident. We also took a small detour to Tampa to have dinner with my uncle, which was nice. He helped us get a SunPass for the toll roads in Florida. In some areas there are no toll booths, so if we didn’t have an electronic prepaid toll pass, they would mail the tolls to the address on our registration.

We stayed at Southern Comfort RV Resort in Florida City. The roads are narrow and the campsites are close together, but we have full hookups and a nice shady spot. After camping in Brighton, MI on water rations, it feels luxurious to have electric, water, and sewer hookups!

Florida City is pretty small, but it is next to the larger city of Homestead. We chose to stay in this area because it is close to the Everglades. We like to visit National and State parks, because you never know what you will see. Nature is unpredictable! Florida City is also near Biscayne National Park, and not a long drive to Key Largo and the upper Keys.

Between the campground and the Everglades is a fruit market called ‘Robert is Here’ that sells lots of exotic tropical fruits and delicious milkshakes and smoothies! Brian wanted to buy all the fruits he hadn’t tried. We ended up with a Black Sapote, a Guanabana, a Mamey Sapote, a Canestel. We also got a couple milkshakes, and visited again (and then a couple more times) for smoothies! It is a fun place, and popular! We went on a Sunday and there was a line for smoothies out to the road. And, Robert WAS there. We saw the owner manning the checkout and giving out fruit advice on a couple occasions. The last time we visited Brian bought an emu egg.

The Black Sapote was interesting, when we cut it open it was black inside and had a mild chocolatey flavor. The guanabana was good too, but had big seeds. They were both better in smoothies, maybe because we aren’t used to the textures. We haven’t tried the others yet, they still need to ripen.

Since Maine was Brian’s personal lobsterfest, Florida is whole-fish-apalooza. Brian grilled whole fish a few times, and ordered it out a few times. Whole fried Hogfish is on the menu at most restaurants serving seafood in this area. Many of the restaurants nearby serve Mexican, Cuban, or Caribbean food, and the few we tried were delicious. Brian also cooked a seafood feast of shrimp and fish over pasta. He’s doing pretty well at cooking in the Airstream, but stinky stuff like fish gets cooked outside.

This has been our longest stay in one place, not including our extended stay in Michigan. We spent 12 days here, which was nice because there is a lot to do, with two National Parks and the Keys nearby.
Next we will be moving to the lower Keys, and staying at a campground on Sugarloaf Key. We are planning to visit Key West and take a day trip to Dry Tortugas National Park, which is on an island 70 miles off the coast of Key West.

Brian was apprehensive about visiting Southern Florida because he thought it would be too hot, but the weather has been beautiful, mostly in the 70s. I really appreciate that our traveling is allowing us to escape cold temperatures!

Day 110 | Mile  10,078


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