New Year, New Adventure

Happy new year! We have the truck back with a shiny new engine, and we are ready to test it out. The snow has melted, and we are leaving Michigan before the next cold snap hits.

It feels weird leaving Michigan after being here so long. It kind of feels like we are starting over. Even after being in Michigan for weeks, it was a scramble to get ready. I was apprehensive about leaving, but now that it’s time, it feels very exciting. It was easy to get a bit grumpy during our time at home, thinking that we didn’t quit our jobs and move into a trailer just to be less than an hour from where we used to live. But, I need to remember how lucky we are to have this opportunity, even when things go wrong. It’s really rare to have our main responsibility be to explore, and to get to do something so different from our normal lives.

Next up is a long drive to southern Florida for three weeks, before we return to Michigan for some important family stuff. There are three national parks in Southern Florida, and we are hoping to visit all three! We will be taking a few days to get down there, sleeping in Walmart parking lots along the way. I still don’t feel comfortable doing that yet, because whether or not overnight parking is allowed isn’t always clear. Everyone says you are supposed to ask inside, but the one time we did, they said “well, it isn’t really allowed, but I don’t think anyone will bother you.” Hopefully we will get the hang of it.

Here’s hoping for an uneventful drive!

Day 96 | Mile 7,300


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