Algonac State Park

We borrowed Brian’s sister and brother-in-law’s truck to move the trailer to Algonac State Park. We got a spot right on the river, across from Canada. It was fun to spend time at the campsite, and watch the freighters go by.


We spent a lot more time relaxing at this stop, and tried to get back into our pre-New Jersey routine of campfires and cooking. We wanted to slow down, but this might’ve been too much too soon! We didn’t really have hobbies or activities picked out to spend time on. I didn’t even have a knitting project going! So we didn’t use our free time as effectively as we could have. Even though we have all the time we need now, I still feel the need to seize every moment! Brian did fish in the river, and enjoyed it, even though he didn’t catch anything.

And we explored Algonac and Marine City. We went to a great meat market in Marine City called Zimmerman’s, where they make their own bologna, hot dogs, bacon, sausage, and jerky. We walked along the river in downtown Algonac and saw the ferry that goes to Canada. We walked the trail in Algonac State Park. It is wide and well-marked, but it still makes me nervous to be in the woods near hunting season!

The most fun was having visitors at the campground! We grilled over the fire and made s’mores with friends and family on a few occasions. It was nice to be able to host others, and share our camping experience.

We had some beautiful weather for fall in Michigan, sunny and 50-60s most days! It got colder at night, and it was windy by the river. So windy, in fact, that a camping chair blew into the fire! We were inside when Brian noticed the fire was really going! Then he noticed chair legs sticking out of it…

But it’s still good, right?

We got our truck back from its’ major engine surgery. We attempted a move to Brighton Recreation Area for Thanksgiving week, so we could check out the other year-round campground in the area. Unfortunately the truck wasn’t as fixed as advertised, and we broke down on the shoulder of I94, just after we got on the freeway! We had to get help from two different roadside assistance services (one for the truck and one for the trailer), but fortunately a Michigan State Police officer came out and parked behind us until we could get towed off the road onto an offramp for an old weigh station and unhitch the truck from trailer.

I would like for things to be a little less eventful for a while!

Day 50 | Mile 4,789


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