“Quick” Trip Home

We hadn’t planned to come home until Thanksgiving, but our temporary plate expired and Ohio didn’t mail us a title until after we left on our trip. So we drove from New Jersey to Michigan to get a license plate for the trailer, and vote, and drop off some stuff we accumulated along the way or decided we don’t need. We planned to be home for about 4 days, before heading south.

GPS predicted 10 hours, so we expected to take 12-13, and to stop overnight and spread it over 2 days. It ended up being an easy drive though, it was a straight shot west on I80. We didn’t leave until 3 pm but we made good time. It helped that there wasn’t any traffic, possibly due to game 7 of the World Series. At 1:30 am after driving 10.5 hours, some of which was through rain, we drove through downtown Detroit on I75. Suddenly a white car was sideways in front of us, skidding out of control. Brian hit the brakes, and I swear we missed broadsiding this car that was driving sideways across the freeway by what felt like inches. I don’t know if the driver was drunk, or had bald tires, or both. We were driving under a bridge, and it looked like the car came to a stop before hitting anything, which seems impossible. We could hardly believe we avoided being in an accident.

The day we left New Jersey we realized we had a leaky pipe in the trailer. I freaked out a little because the pipe is behind the sink and the leak was pooling water under the cabinet. It wasn’t hard for Brian to fix, but it was disappointing to find a problem in a brand new trailer.

The truck had been shifting a little funny, and the check engine light came on, so we took it into a Ford dealership to get checked out. It turned out to be a timing chain problem, which needs a major repair involving rebuilding the engine! The good news is it is covered under the power train warranty, the bad news is the repair will take over a week. We changed our plans to stay at a local campground for a little while.

It’s a little disappointing to be grounded so soon after our trip started, but it’ll give us time to get more organized and we did want to slow down. We are making the best of it. It has been nice to spend time playing with our nieces and nephew. Missing the kids is one of the hard parts of traveling. We washed the trailer too, which was collecting plenty of dead bugs.

I am itching to get back on the road, because we were just getting into the rhythm of traveling, but we may not leave Michigan again until after Thanksgiving. We have had wonderful hosts here, Brian’s sister and brother-in-law let us park in their driveway, and his mom cooked for us and did our laundry! At this rate we may never leave! 😉


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