Portland, Maine

After Acadia we drove 4 hours to a campground in Naples, Maine. We heard good things about Portland, but there are so few campgrounds open this time of year. We found one almost an hour outside of Portland (Colonial Mast), and it is practically abandoned! There are 10 or so spots right on Long Lake, and we are the only ones in one. It’s a little spooky feeling like the only people here.

The view from our spot was beautiful, though we would have enjoyed the lake more in warmer weather (or freezing cold ice fishing weather)!

When we arrived, after dark of course, it was raining. It rained steadily all while we leveled and unhitched. That wasn’t fun, but once I accepted I was going to get soaked it was okay.

It stormed the first night we were here. Rain sounds so loud in the trailer and thunder makes the floor vibrate. Every now and then we got flash flood alerts on our phones. So, I kinda thought we might just slide into the lake. Brian assured me this would not happen. It rained the whole next day, and we stayed in. It was nice to have a day off of feeling like we needed to do all the things. I was a little afraid that spending a whole day inside would start to feel claustrophobic, but so far living in a small space has felt okay. I think if we had a week of rainy weather I would probably start to go a little nuts though. When it’s raining it does feel like the trailer may never be clean or dry again.

Before we left on this trip, I was really curious how it would feel. I predicted that it would just feel like vacation for the first month or so, and it has. But a vacation where we also visit grocery stores and laundromats. It will probably feel a lot different as we go on. The idea of living in a trailer for a year or two and traveling around America sounds like a scary thing to do, but now that we are doing it, it feels pretty normal. It still feels strange to tell people what we are doing though, I guess I feel like we haven’t earned it yet, since we’ve been doing it less than a month.

Portland is a really fun town. There are a lot of cute shops and a good food/drink scene. Everywhere we went, people talked to us! We met really nice people. We visited Maine Craft Distillery and tried their liquor. They make interesting things, like blueberry moonshine and carrot spirits, in addition to good versions of rum and gin.

Right next door there’s a brewery called Rising Tide Brewery. They had the place all opened up to the outside, in spite of the 50 degree temperature. Brian didn’t want to leave, he kept saying he’d never been to a bar so chilly! He loved it.

We spent awhile chatting with an employee who was from Brighton, MI. He recommended an Oyster Bar, which was great because the promise of Oysters was the only way I could coax Brian out of the brewery.

Eventide Oyster Co. had 10 types of oysters from Maine alone on their menu! Brian was in heaven, and I’ll admit oysters have really grown on me too.

Everywhere we went was playing Wilco, White Stripes, or Johnny Cash. Portland felt a little like Madison, WI.

The next day we just snacked our way around downtown, with the first stop at an Oyster cart. Brian loves anyplace where Oysters are street food. We also stopped at Portland Meatball Company and the Holy Donut. Everything was delicious, and everyone was friendly!

In addition to all the eating we did, we sought out the lighthouses south of Portland.

Portland Head Light

Bug Light

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

Two Lights Lighthouse

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

That’s all for this trip to Maine. It’s been great, but it’s time to move on. I think I’m turning into a lobster from all the lobster we’ve been eating…

Day 26 | Mile 2994


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