Driving to Vermont

The drive from the Finger Lakes to Vermont was a long one, so we split it up with a visit to the Herkimer Diamond Mine. This trip is still so new, we haven’t tired of touristy things.

I hadn’t heard of Herkimer Diamonds before visiting the region.  Herkimer “Diamonds” are pretty crystals that are naturally faceted and don’t need to be cut or polished to look good. There are a few mines where you can pay a fee, mine for the day, and keep what you find. Brian and I love hunting for Petoskey stones up north in MI, so I thought it could be fun! It was not like hunting for Petoskey stones. It was basically breaking really hard rocks into smaller rocks.

We found a few things, but nothing really impressive. It was fun, but about as much fun as you would expect a morning at a mine to be.

After that we drove a scenic route through the Adirondack Mountains. The trees were really showing off the fall colors, it was beautiful.

It was a long drive to Vermont, but we made it!

Day 9 | Mile 1238


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