Finger Lakes Region, New York

On to our next stop, a campsite at Watkins Glen State Park. It is at the south end of Lake Seneca in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

We spent a few hours hiking 3-4 miles on the Gorge Trail in Watkins Glen State Park. Well, rather than hiking it was more like a series of stairs, with a bunch of people (including us) stopping to take pictures every 2 minutes. It sure is pretty though! It is a river gorge with 19 waterfalls. It was crowded and the parking lot was nearly full, at noon on a Tuesday in Fall!

We visited a few breweries and wineries on Lake Seneca. They were good, but being from Michigan I feel like we are a little spoiled with good local wine and beer.

We liked Grist Iron Brewery (great pumpkin beer)!

And JR Dill winery.

Two Goats Brewery had a great view and cute building, but the beer was not great. (Brian insists I describe it as “pissy”) 😕

We visited Taughannock Falls State Park on Lake Cayuga. We hiked about a mile and a half round trip to the waterfall. A lady we met on the way out said that they hadn’t had any rain all summer until last week, and the waterfall wasn’t nearly as full as we expected. It was just a trickle. A really tall trickle. And most of the riverbed was exposed rock.  The limestone riverbed is amazingly flat.

While walking through the gorge at Taughannock, Brian kept commenting that the tall, crumbly walls of the gorge look like they could landslide right over the top of us (just what I wanted to hear). Then we came across a section of the trail rerouted around a huge landslide… 😬

We visited two local butchers, Schrader Farms and The Piggery, and bought entirely too much meat.

We are officially out of the pasta salads that Brian’s mom sent us off with, so we will now have to fend for ourselves. Brian cooked delicious steaks on the fire.

And he whipped up a delicious breakfast with the duck eggs (two ways) and breakfast sausage we bought at The Piggery. The eggs were so duck-adent!

We also spent some time trying to get the Airstream unpacked and organized. There’s still a lot of work to do there. I’m trying to reserve judgement on whether we brought too much stuff until we get more organized. We had a lot of discussions on what to bring, but at the end packing got so hectic that some other things slipped by. Also, Brian told me I shouldn’t bring an ice cream scoop, because a spoon would do the job, but he snuck in a potato masher! He’s never heard of forks. At least he left the Sous Vide at home.

We’ve made it a week! Two stops in one week was a little fast, the next couple spots will be a week each. Next up is Vermont!

Day 8 | Mile 798


2 thoughts on “Finger Lakes Region, New York

  1. It is so fun to follow you on your journey! I also appreciate your puns. 🙂 Once you have your systems and organization figured out, will you do a post about Airstream living? I want to see the kitchen and the storage and how everything works!


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