First stop: Letchworth State Park

Whew, the first stop went by so fast! We had planned to stay 3 nights, which we knew wasn’t long, but we planned it anyway to make the next couple stops work out. Then, because of how packing and moving turned out, we got a late start. We were so exhausted from being up all night the night before we left, that we only made it about 40 minutes before we stopped for a nap in a Walmart parking lot.  It was so nice to be able to nap in our bed. The nap, and a few stops to adjust the hitch, and a stop for gas, turned about a 6.5 hour drive into 12 hours! We pulled into Letchworth State Park at 5 am and slept in the parking lot until about noon. Then we checked in and set up camp. Brian did a great job backing the trailer into our campsite for the first time.

We spent the next couple days exploring the park by car and on foot. We hiked about 4 miles from the Lower Falls, past the Middle Falls, to the Upper Falls. The trees were just starting to change colors and it was beautiful. The weather was rainy and cool (high 60s), but the rain didn’t really prevent us from doing anything we wanted to do. It just made it a bit harder to keep the trailer clean. We also had a raccoon and a skunk wander through our campsite each night like it was their regular patrol! That’s too much wildlife for me (or rather, not my preferred kinds)!

We also did some grocery shopping and tried to find local/different things to buy. Spiced luncheon loaf made some damn tasty sandwiches.

At night we made campfires and the second night Brian cooked our first “fancy” meal, pork shoulder steaks over the campfire.

Packing up to move on to the next stop was a pain. We still haven’t really unpacked and organized, so things don’t have a place to go! On the way out of the park, we dumped the tanks for the first time!

Day 4 | Mile 530


6 thoughts on “First stop: Letchworth State Park

  1. Love the blog so far! The pics are my favorite part! You just left and you already have seen some gorgeous scenery. We’ll have to talk about all your favorite places so when the kids are old enough we can go too.

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  2. I’m so glad you decided to blog! I added you to my Feedly so I won’t miss any new posts. 🙂 I’m so glad you got to visit Letchworth, even if your stay was brief. Looking forward to seeing where your travels take you next!

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  3. We just found this. Fun reading about your trip. Keep it up. Jill, JoAnn mom and I are on a bus trip to tNew York City, the Hudson River valley, and Lancaster PA. We go back to Roanoke tomorrow.

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