Our Airstream

Once we got the idea into our heads, we started looking for a trailer. I knew I wanted an Airstream. I’m not sure when the idea of an Airstream first appealed to me, but I did find an old notebook where I made a short bucket list, and one item was “travel America in an Airstream trailer”. It was from at least 2009.

Anyway, we visited an Airstream dealer, checked out a used Airstream, and eventually decided on a 27 foot International Signature model. It’s the biggest model that we felt we could comfortably tow with our Ford F-150.

We ordered though a dealership in Ohio (Haydocy), and were able to get exactly what we wanted by ordering a trailer that was scheduled to come off the line in mid-September. That meant we didn’t have much time between when we would pick up our trailer, and when we planned to leave on our trip (9/30). But, one cool part was that we could visit the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, Ohio, and see our trailer being made! That was really fun. Here it is on its first day in existence.

So far, we are loving our trailer, even though we are still getting the hang of it. It doesn’t have a name yet, though, and it needs one!


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