Crazy Plan

Over the last few months, Brian and I have been planning and scheming to move into a trailer and travel around for a couple years. I think it was my idea at first, but I never really thought we’d do it. Then one day Brian said “let’s go.” After that we played chicken for awhile, and each of us waited for the other one to back out. Surprisingly, neither of us did. So, here we are.

Part of why this plan seems so crazy is because we didn’t have a trailer, and while Brian camped in trailers growing up, I never did. So, we were going from near zero to full-time.

Along the way, people kept asking if we were going to blog about our trip. I thought we wouldn’t. Mainly because it takes a lot of time, and I don’t consider myself a writer, and I’m pretty sure I’ll give up on blogging within a few months. But, we’ve just begun this trip, and I want to remember it. So, maybe if I blog, some friends and family will read it, and will keep me accountable to posting to it. If you do read, please leave comments and interact! That’ll help me want to keep it going.